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                01Yangming College    Read Moreymc@gzu.edu.cn
                02College of Literature and Communication    Read More
                03College of Philosophy and Social Development    Read More
                04College of History and Ethnic Culture    Read More
                05College of Foreign Languages    Read Morefl@gzu.edu.cn
                06College of Music    Read More
                07College of Fine Arts    Read More
                08College of Law    Read Morelaw@gzu.edu.cn
                09College of Economics    Read Moreec@gzu.edu.cn
                10College of Management    Read Moremc@gzu.edu.cn
                11College of Tourism and Culture Industry    Read Moretci@gzu.edu.cn
                12College of Public Administration    Read Morespa@gzu.edu.cn
                13College of Marxism    Read Moremrx@gzu.edu.cn
                14College of Physical Education    Read Moreipe@gzu.edu.cn
                15College of Mathematics and Computer Science    Read More0086-851-3620186
                16College of Physics    Read More
                17College of Life Science    Read Morels@gzu.edu.cn
                18College of Computer Science and Technology    Read Morecse@gzu.edu.cn
                19College of Big Data and Informaton Engineering    Read More
                20College of Mechanical Engineering    Read Moreme@gzu.edu.cn
                21College of Electrical Engineering    Read Moreee@gzu.edu.cn
                22College of Civil Engineering and Building Construction    Read Moreca@gzu.edu.cn
                23College of Architecture and Urban Planning    Read Moreaup@gzu.edu.cn
                24College of Materials and Metallurgical    Read Moremm@gzu.edu.cn
                25College of Chemical Engineering    Read Morece@gzu.edu.cn
                26College of Mining    Read Moremn@gzu.edu.cn
                27College of Resource and Environment Engineering    Read Morere@gzu.edu.cn
                28College of Liquor and Food Engineering    Read Morebfe@gzu.edu.cn
                29College of Agriculture    Read Moreagr@gzu.edu.cn
                30College of Forestry    Read Morefc@gzu.edu.cn
                31College of Zoology    Read Moreas@gzu.edu.cn
                32College of Pharmaceutical Sciences    Read Morepmc@gzu.edu.cn
                33College of Tobacco Science    Read More0086-851-83856206
                34College of International Education    Read Moresie@gzu.edu.cn
                35College of Continuing Education    Read Morecce@gzu.edu.cn
                36College of Science and Technology    Read Morecst@gzu.edu.cn
                37Mingde College    Read Moremd@gzu.edu.cn
                38College of People's Armed    Read Morepm@gzu.edu.cn
                39College of Medical    Read More
                40College of Tea Science   Read More